Rules of publication

Rules of publication

  1. Pre-printing treatment

The papers are published as soon as available. The text of the paper should be properly edited and signed for print by all the authors.

The authors of papers are responsible for the content and for the fact of publishing. Editors do not always share the authors’ opinion and do not take responsibility for unreliable data.

Accepted to publication papers are edited involving pre-printing procedures before being published in current issue of the journal.

The preparation of fair copy (edition, correction, electronic composition) is carried out by printing and publication department (PPD) of SSUGT during two weeks.

PPD reserves the right to make slight corrections of the content in style and form without the authors’ consent. If more serious corrections are necessary, they are conformed to the author or the paper is sent back to revision. The revised paper (both initial and final electronic versions) should be returned to editors inside of two weeks.

At the completion of editing the final variant of paper is conformed to the author in order to approve corrections.

Current issue of the journal includes the papers that, by the moment of layout start (according to the work schedule), have reviews recommending publication and conformed to the author (authors).

  1. License agreement

By the moment of pre-printing treatment of paper the author should conclude the license agreement with SSUGT (License agreement). The agreement is considered to be concluded if either the author has written the following words on the paper “License agreement terms accepted”, or the author has e-mailed the paper to the editors. (Publication order).

Otherwise the journal editors have the right to exclude the paper from the current issue content.

The publication is now free.

The author (authors) of each paper, after it has been published in the nearest issue of the journal, has the right to have an electronic version of the paper in PDF format.